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Throughout 2020, despite the current crisis, The Song Company is committed to being bold and innovative, to continue collaborating with all our Artists – the finest singers in Australia, and to produce new work in new ways that will excite you, our audience and supporters.

When We Sing is where you help create incredible music projects that keep our Artists singing during the period of shuttered concert halls and beyond. Together we can navigate funding uncertainties and keep The Song Company singing throughout 2020 and beyond.

After multiple 5-star ★★★★★ reviews for our performances at The Adelaide Festival, we were faced with the sudden shutdown of all our activities. But The Song Company has always been resilient and innovative. So we have reshaped the remainder of 2020 to include new projects done in new ways.

We are excited to share the first of these – a video project made from a live audio recording from the 2020 Adelaide Festival by our core ensemble made up of seven Principal Artists, joined by three of our young/emerging Ensemble Artists (Janine, Ethan, and Hayden), and two Associate Artists (Steph and Lucien).

If I Sing is a timely reminder of just how important and uplifting music is to all of us and that without our wonderful singers, The Song Company doesn’t exist. Support new projects by the Song Company today!

The next of our reimagined projects for 2020 is Burden of Truth.

Originally scheduled for our touring season for eight voices from The Song Company and collaborations with ensembles around the country, Burden of Truth comprises the world première recording of a brand-new 32-voice arrangement of Gavin Bryars’s iconic minimalist epic, Jesus’ blood never failed me yet, and our Artistic Director Antony Pitts’s 25-voice reworking of the extraordinary and visionary 13-part canon in the Eton Choirbook, Jesus autem transiens.

The Song Company has expanded the project to include 33 professional singers featuring all of our Principal, Associate, Ensemble, as well as Emeriti Artists, and one or two special Guests, each taking part by recording individual parts remotely.

The resulting album is destined to be one of the most exciting releases ever undertaken by The Song Company.

Click here to see the cast and more details of this ground-breaking project.

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