About us

The Song Company is Australia’s leading vocal ensemble, presenting music from all times and places. Since its beginnings in 1984, it has captivated Australian and international audiences with exquisite performances of vocal work ranging from the 10th century to contemporary compositions. Every project The Song Company undertakes is underwritten by its unwavering commitment to excellence and to the transcendent and transformative beauty of the human voice.

2023 will be a year of transformation for The Song Company as it re-establishes itself as an ensemble of the country's finest singers who take an active role in the artistic direction of the company.

News of our 2023 season and the Guest Directors for each program will be announced soon.

Susannah Lawergren, Amy Moore, sopranos
Jessica O'Donoghue, mezzo-soprano
Timothy Reynolds, Louis Hurley, tenors
Hayden Barrington, Simon Lobelson, baritones
Aidan O'Donnell, Andrew O'Connor basses

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Critics have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic: "Celestial sounds... expert and enlightening" ... "the country’s pre-eminent choir and a cappella ensemble" ... "it is an education and a pleasure to watch the ensemble with their use of gestures in communication, their craft and methodology, weaving a synchronised and crystalline sound that is fluid in line, graceful in phrasing and precise in articulation." ... "One felt that the full glory of choral singing was being revealed..."

Francis Greep  Executive Director
Eva Frey  Marketing & Development Manager
Jane Diamond  Bookkeeper
Elise Morton  Administrative Assistant

Jack Percy, Chair of the Board
Nick Galvin, Board Director
Louise Guy, Board Director
John Nolan, Board Director
Jacqui Smith, Board Director
Paul Stanhope, Board Director


Image Credit: Keith Saunders 2022 - Songs From The Heart