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You can buy or cancel your membership at any time on the Your Membership page.  Please note you will lose access to content once you've cancelled your Membership so best to cancel at the end of your Membership period as fees are not refundable.  To upgrade, cancel your existing Membership and then log back in to buy Silver or Gold Membership.
If something is not working as you expect, it's always useful (with any website) to refresh/reload the page and if you know how, to empty the cache – here are detailed instructions from Wikipedia.
And if you're on a mobile, click here to flush the cache of our app.
You can watch videos full-screen by hovering over the bottom right corner of the screen and clicking the expand icon.  If you have an issue with buffering or bandwidth generally, try selecting a different video resolution via the settings/gear icon on the video player. 

For audio we generally supply four formats: in order of file size, from 24-bit "studio masters" and 16-bit "CD-quality" to  smaller compressed AAC and MP3 files.  Some devices may not play all formats – we recommend AAC or MP3 for iPhone and iPads.  As our audio tracks tend to be long-playing, they may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet connection.
As so much of our digital content is only available to Members, when you share it on Facebook or elsewhere (which we encourage you to do), Facebook doesn't know what it is, so you'll need to tell your friends what it is you're sharing, and feel free to add your own pictures. 
We've now made this function available to Bronze Members, as well as Silver and Gold Members.  When you've watched or listened to something, you can bookmark it so that it should appear in Favourites and be accessible even when you're offline.
Do get in touch to tell us what is working or not, and any queries about how to use your Digital Membership.