SongCo LAB 2020 / Sydney – with Guest Artist Taryn Fiebig

TUE 28 – FRI 31 JAN 2020

The first SongCo LAB of 2020 is a 4-day intensive workshop course and your chance to work closely with The Song Company's artistic team, as well as Guest Artist Taryn Fiebig! This jam-packed week includes a masterclass and workshops, industry Q&A's, tutti rehearsals and breakout sessions, mentoring and more. The Lab is your opportunity to develop your voice and ensemble skills, and gain invaluable insight and experience as an artist!

SongCo LAB Easter 2019 – with Guest Artist Emma Kirkby

ANZAC Day 5pm – performance (free entry) in the Chapel, St Aloysius' College, Kirribilli, Sydney.

Participants in the Dame Emma Kirkby Masterclass, with accompanists Bradley Gilchrist and Michael Atherton, and Artistic Director Antony Pitts (L-R) – Oscar Smith, Emma Warburton, Bradley Gilchrist, Ria Andriani, Elias Wilson, Emma Kirkby, Antony Pitts, Hester Wright, Susannah Lawergren, Michael Atherton :

SongCo LAB METRO 2018 — Sing from the Source!

In association with The Academy of St James':

"The Eton Choirbook workshops have been challenging and inspiring and totally fascinating."

"It is exhilarating to be singing such extraordinary music."

"It is all quite brilliant and everyone is really enjoying the learning and the experience."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of 'Singing from the Source'. Exploring the genius of the music found in the Eton Choirbook seemed a daunting experience, having not had any formal musical training. Antony facilitated the group exceedingly well, and I was completely comfortable. Comprehending the intricate notation was not easy, but reinforcement was easy with open discussion to achieve understanding. Each session I was immersed in the challenging and rewarding opportunity to be able to sing from this treasury with like-minded and experienced musicians. I hope to participate in similar workshops in the future."

"The workshops in conjunction with the Academy of St James have been brilliant. Being able to work with experienced early musicians under Antony’s tutelage has really opened up my ability to read and sing from the source. Thank you all for this opportunity, it was especially lovely to recreate this learning experience in the chapel."

SongCo LAB 2018

Our second-ever SongCo Lab baker's dozen (L-R) – Hester Wright, Antony Pitts, Ethan Taylor, Anna Fraser, Patrick Baker, Andrea Catzel, Chloe Lankshear, Owen Elsley, Robert Macfarlane, Mark Donnelly, Claire Burrell-McDonald, Andrew O'Connnor, Hannah Fraser:

SongCo LAB 2017

Our first-ever SongCo Lab baker's dozen (L-R) – Marjorie Butcher, Antony Pitts, Richard Black, Jonathan Borg, Anna Fraser, Billie Palin, Andrew O'Connor, Louise Keast, Mark Donnelly, Rowan Grigg, Nyssa Milligan, Susannah Lawergren, Ellery Durrant: