The Song Company - EOFY 2021

The past 12 months have seen perhaps the biggest upheaval in the arts and creative environments in recent history. In a year that was marked out by cancellations, lockdowns, empty theatres and an increasingly insular society, we also witnessed resilience, the embracing of technologies and a realisation of just how important the creative arts are to the well-being of society.




Great art is supported by people who love great art. The Song Company’s ambitious and innovative programming would not exist without our audiences and our donors.

In 2020, the company was humbled by the number of ticket buyers who became donors for the first time, when they offered to return cancelled tickets, due to COVID, back to the company. 

Every ticket purchase and every donation counts. Read on to find out exactly how your support enables The Song Company to bring the power and beauty of the human voice into your life.


“Demonstrated the excellence, precision and mastery of all singers involved.
March 2020



The Song Company is Australia’s only national professional vocal ensemble. Our artists are leaders in their fields – singing, teaching, composing and conducting in their home towns across the country. When we come together to perform, the warmth and clarity of our sound is unmistakeable.



This is the country’s pre-eminent choir and a-cappella ensemble.”
Daily Review
March 2020


The Song Company performs the widest range of repertoire of any ensemble in Australia. When you attend a performance by The Song Company, you are trusting us to present an incredible range of music, much of which you may not be familiar with.

And if we are performing a piece that you do know, you can always expect that it will be done in a new way – based both on scholarship and performance practice of the highest calibre, as well as creative and often radical reinvention and of course, excellent singing from the incredible vocal artists that make up our ensemble.





Support the entire ecosystem of composers and performers when you donate to The Song Company.

The Song Company’s proud tradition of commissioning and new work creation continues in 2021 with all our MainStage productions built on substantial new works.

Burden of Truth in May and June sees the presentation of two new major large-scale works in three cities. English composer Gavin Bryars wrote his iconic reflection on homelessness and hope, Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet, 50 years ago. He has created a new 32-part vocal arrangement, of which The Song Company will give the world première performances. Alongside this monumental work, TSC Artistic Director Antony Pitts has written a 25-part motet, Transiens, based on Wylkynson’s extraordinary canon from the Eton Choirbook.


Arms of Love in August will feature a major new work, I pray the sea, by Australian composer Chris Williams intertwined by one of the marvels of the baroque period, Membra Jesu Nostri by Buxtehude. Throw away any expectations you may have about the old and the new – this project promises to be one of the most exciting and original fusion of chamber music, dance from Karul Projects' Thomas E.S. Kelly, and incredible vocalism from The Song Company's Artists.


Songs From The Heart is an significant new project scheduled for October, entirely curated by two important Indigenous voices in Australian composition, Elizabeth Sheppard and Sonya Holowell. Elizabeth and Sonya are creating an original vocal response to the Uluru Statement, employing the full range of vocal possibilities from a seven-voice ensemble.


“A fantastic cathartic experience”
Limelight Magazine
March 2021


The Song Company’s Ensemble Artist Program is the country’s only early career professional development program for aspiring classical and ensemble singers. Only 18 months old, it is already drawing praise for the calibre of the artists involved.


“A thoroughly enthralling experience with superb singing throughout”
December 2020

The power of the human voice, the magic of singing in harmony, the moment when individual lines come together in a single chord – this is The Song Company.

Lose yourself in the intricacies of 16th-century polyphony.

Marvel as a multi-voice work unfolds layer by layer.

Feel the connection between light and hope; darkness and despair; optimism after sacrifice.

Leave the everyday world behind when you experience your national vocal ensemble.

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