NINETEEN TO THE DOZEN | Josephine Gibson (world première in the Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House)

Nineteen to the Dozen – A tapestry of nineteen compact commissions from Australian composers playlisted against fragmented miniatures from each of the last 12 centuries.  This extract is by Josephine Gibson.  The commissions were supported by our generous donors.

In a bold attempt to paint the state of the current Australian compositional landscape, each of nineteen (twenty) composers has filled a segment of time with sounds that draw on the rich heritage of The Song Company’s first 35 years and look forward to the countless possibilities of the human voice – using the 163 symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet and beyond. These nineteen commissions are set against fragments of art music from the last thousand years, and together form a dialogue about the nature of vocal music and the deepest form of musical expression.

New works by Alice Chance, Aristea Mellos, Bernie Van Tiel & Rex Le, Chris Williams, Colin Black, Dan Walker, Elizabeth Sheppard, Felicity Wilcox, Gordon Hamilton, Josephine Gibson, Lyle Chan, Matthew Hindson, Naomi Crellin, Natalie Maschmeyer, Owen Elsley, Sally Whitwell, Sarah Elise Thompson, Sonya Holowell, and Stephen Adams. Western music from the last 12 centuries is represented by Kassiani, Anonymous, Guido d'Arezzo, Hildegard of Bingen, Adam de la Halle, Guillaume de Machaut, John Dunstaple, William Byrd, Henry Purcell, Johann Sebastian Bach, Anton Bruckner, and Igor Stravinsky.

Anna Sandström | Amy Moore | Stephanie Dillon | Jessica O'Donoghue | Dan Walker | Koen van Stade | Hayden Barrington | Thomas Flint | Antony Pitts (conductor)

Video: Connor Malanos, 2019

*crossfaded with the beginning of Lyle Chan...