UNDERGROUND: Tremors of Earth | ACO Pier 2/3, The Neilson

13 Hickson Rd Dawes Point

Sunday, May 1 2022 from 05:30 AM to 06:30 AM

UNDERGROUND: Tremors of Earth

Antoine Brumel: Missa Et ecce terrae motus (The ‘Earthquake’ Mass) a 12

Alice Chance: Aurora Eora

Antony Pitts: Tres Antiphonae Paschae

Alice Chance: Precious Colours

Nicolas Gombert: Missa Tempore Paschali / Agnus Dei a 12

Sun 1 May 2022 1:30pm
ACO Pier 2/3, The Neilson Walsh Bay


The SongCo Apprentices 

& 2022 Ensemble Artists


Koen van Stade Principal Artist – Tenor

Antony Pitts Artistic Director – Director


Continuing our Grand tour of European polyphony – and our historically-informed practice of reading from original manuscript notation – we open the choirbook containing Brumel’s 12-part ‘Earthquake’ Mass.

The second in our 2022 Underground series is the first program given by our dozen SongCo Apprentices, who are recreating the incredible ‘Earthquake’ Mass of Antoine Brumel by learning it from the original choirbook notation written out for a Bavarian performance in the 1570s, led by none other than Lassus.  Singing from the manuscript has been a consistent focus of our explorations of early vocal music in recent years and it is now the turn of a new generation of singers to learn these long-lost skills.  The Missa Et ecce terre motus stands at one end of Renaissance polyphony in terms of its 12-part harmonic landscape – which is slow-moving and highly-decorated in the individual singers’ melodic lines around the foundational plainchant.  The final pages of the manuscript are lost to the ravages of time, so in their place it seems appropriate to sing a 12-part homage to Brumel’s Mass from the Missa Tempore Paschali by Nicolas Gombert – himself believed to be a pupil of Josquin.  Reverberating in-between the movements of Brumel’s masterpiece are modern works for six to twelve voices by Alice Chance and Antony Pitts on the themes of loss and resurrection