We are immensely grateful to those who have made financial contributions and therefore play an integral role in the creative life of The Song Company.

The following donors have generously contributed over the last twelve months. We would also like to thank all our donors who wish to remain anonymous.


Tom & Elisabeth Karplus

Leonie Cambage, Michael & Debra Tidball

Nick & Caroline Minogue Foundation, Penny Le Couteur & Greg Dickson

Frances Muecke, Megan & Bill Williamson, Roger Hewitt, Tim Turner

Annie Williams, Peter Wise, Rodney Beech & Mariee Durkin-Beech

Anthony & Brenda Gill, Antony & Karen Pitts, Audrey & Michael Wilson, Ben & Martha Gelin, Brian Everingham, Colleen & Michael Chesterman, Ian & Elizabeth MacDonald, James & Clytie Williams, Jane Mathews, Janet & Phillip Pennington, Joyce & Bruce Edwards, Margaret & Peter Janssens, Nicola Chau, Rachel Scanlon, Sandy Belford, Shane Simpson, Thomas & Natalie Maschmeyer

Alfred Breznik, Alison Lockhart & Bruce Watson, Alison McIntyre, Andrea Leuning, Andrew Blanckensee, Brendan McPhillips, Charles Davidson, David Yardley, Elizabeth Tucker, Graham Atkins, Jean Cockayne, Jennifer Arnold, Dr John and Mrs Gail Ward, Katharine Pierce, Katherine Brown, Kay Vernon, Margot Woods, Merry and Robert Pearson, Michael Kertesz, Michael and Louise Strasser, Peronelle Windeyer, Ralph Lane, Ronald Elsley, Wai Lao, Wendy Cobcroft

Andrzej Gurba, Cass Tucker, Christina Slade, Christine Butler, David Pitts, Debbie Cameron, Emma Warburton, Helen Palfreeman, Larry and Ann Turner, Liz Wilson, Michael Walpole, Oliver Raymond, Patricia Woolcock, Richard Letts and Rowena Cowley, Stephen Willard

up to $249
Alan Lane, Alfred Said, Alice Chance, Allison Muir, Ann Duffy, Ann Wood, Anonymous Australia Cultural Fund, Antonia Lehn, Arthur Bryant, Balbir Bhall, Barbara Slotemaker de Bruine, Barry & Jenny Jones, Beverley Johnson, Beverley Phillips, Bill Pye, Branka Spehar, Brendan O'Loghlin, Brian and Kay Suters, Catherine Goswell, Cathy Aggett, Cecilia Hibbert, Chris and Diana Hutchison, Chris Cavenagh, Christine King, Claire O'Connor, Cookie Lloyd, David and Margaret McDonald, David Atmore, Denis Collins, Diana & Peter Hannigan, Dorothy Cameron, Elizabeth Storrs, Elizabeth Temple, Elizabeth Tucker, Emma Rooksby, Fiona Hegi-Johnson, Four Winds, Georgiana Antoce, Greg and Erin Kerr, Harry & Julie Johnson, Helen Brownen & Simon Waugh, Helen Mckeon, Helen Moore, Isobel Crawford, Jan Carter, Jane Carver, Jasmine Lam, Jeanette Knox, Jeffrey Bridger, John and Zeny Giles, John Greenwell, John Nightingale, Jonathan Milford, Judith Fitzpatrick, Justin and Judith Parker, Justine O'Brien, Karen Pitts, Kate Reid, Katherine Sullivan, Kim Williams, Lachie Hill, Laurelle Williams, Lewis Gomes, Lisa Stewart, Liz Drysdale, Loani Arman, Louise Nash, Lyn Riddett, Margaret Sankey, Margaret Tesch-Muller, Marjan McKeough, Marjorie Moffat, Mark Chapman, Matthew Hindson, Meredith Ash, Meredith Rogers, Merrilyn Crawford, Michael and Eleanor Suckling, Michael Clark, Moira Gordon, Neil and Paree Hartley, Neil Hyden, Netta Haining, nettahaining@bigpond.com, Noel James, Norbert Kisnorbo, Pamela Mildenhall, Patricia Calabro, Patricia Conder, Patricia Holdway, Patricia Pearse, Paul Mason, Paul Meyer, Pepe Newton, Peter and Pamela Kenny, Peter Gatto, Peter Mayer, Phillip Keen, Prue and Melissa Neidorf, Rhondda Brill, Ria Andriani, Richard Arthur, Richard Harvey, Robin Offler, Ronda A Hartwig, Roslyn Laird, Ruth Procter, Ruth Redpath, Ruth Wagstaff, Sandy Dillon, Sheena Boughen, Sonya Gillies, Stephen Robb, Susan Briedis, Susan Burgess, Sylvia Rice, Taffy Fox, Vasanthi Rao, Victoria Hughes, Viktorija Macens, Wanda and Mark Sadowski, Wendy McLean, Wouter Timmer

If your name has been incorrectly listed or omitted, please contact us by email or telephone.

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Special Project Partners
Being a Special Project Partner allows the development of new collaborative creative works, international touring, staging co-productions, and delivering innovative programs to our audiences. New material is crucial to creativity and bolsters pathways for vocal artists outside opera and musical theatre. Developments of exciting and different programs encourage culturally varied work, collaborative programs, and longevity of vocal ensemble tradition.
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Being a Regional Program Partner ensures that The Song Company can continue to tour regional Australia, run regional education workshops in schools and communities and work collaboratively with regional artists.
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Supporting our Ensemble Artist and Vocalization programs directly benefits Australian musical culture by providing a professional pathway for young and emerging artists.
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