Dedicated to humankind, Brahms’ Requiem is unlike any other that came before. Written in his native German, rather than Latin, it rejects the traditional requiem mass’ focus on divine justice, rather offering hope and solace for those left behind. Watch the concert online on Australian Digital Concert Hall


The Song Company Christmas Carols, presented in the heart of Sydney. Come and join us to bring some peaceful sounds to the end of this challenging year. HARK! - The Song Company, Australia’s national professional vocal ensemble, brings a much-needed dose of Christmas cheer to communities in Sydney – both the concert-going public and Christmas shoppers seeking an escape from commercial madness in the post-lockdown rush! Eight of our superb Sydney-based Artists sing both exquisite carols from the Renaissance and perennial audience favourites in this newly-established annual series for young and old – families are welcome! And it wouldn’t be a proper Christmas concert without the chance for the audience to join in some of the most beloved carols.


In the 500th anniversary year of his death (according to the Julian Calendar), we present Josquin’s most celebrated Mass, interspersed with the extraordinarily colourful madrigalian settings by Lassus of the writings of ancient prophetesses or Sibyls. 15 – 22 March


Continuing our Grand tour of European polyphony – and our historically-informed practice of reading from original manuscript notation – we open the choirbook containing Brumel’s 12-part ‘Earthquake’ Mass. 24 April – 1 May


SALON: The rich treasures of English Renaissance partbooks featuring golden polyphony by Thomas Tallis, Robert Parsons, and William Byrd. The Song Company returns to the authentic practice of partbook-singing around a table to bring you the rich treasures of English Renaissance partbooks, featuring more golden polyphony by Thomas Tallis, Robert Parsons, and William Byrd.