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Sonya Holowell
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Sonya Holowell
Sonya Holowell is a Dharawal woman, vocalist, composer and writer working across new and experimental genres. The contexts for her work and the forms they take are diverse and deeply questioning. Her practice comprises interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisation, and conceptual composition. She is also a workshop facilitator, a curator of the Now Now Festival, and a writer, founder and editor of ADSR Zine. Sonya’s appearances include Sydney and Adelaide Festivals, Resonant Bodies Festival, Sydney Biennale, soundSCAPE Italy, Soft Centre, Liveworks, the Now Now Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, Moorambilla Festival, The Banff Centre (Canada), Canberra International Music Festival and SoundOut Festival. She has collaborated with The Song Company, Ensemble Offspring, International Contemporary Ensemble, Decibel, Tura New Music, Chicks On Speed and the Australian Art Orchestra amongst many others, and has presented her award-winning work at venues including the Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Carriageworks, Institute of Modern Art, The Powerhouse Museum and the National Gallery of Australia.