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Toby Peterson-Stewart
Bass guitarist
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Toby Peterson-Stewart
Toby grew up in the small town of Tecoma, Victoria. During his upbringing there were no musical instruments lying around to fiddle on or dabble with. Toby hadn’t touched a single instrument until a year 7 program put an electric-bass in his hand. He was thrown into the deep-end after he was untruthful about how many years he had been playing music for, and he was put into the advanced songwriting class instead of the beginner bass class. This immediate jump in skill difficulty seemed to have served him well, as it allowed him to start writing songs in his very early years of playing music of any sort. It may have taken 50 bad songs, but eventually he got the hang of it. Toby completed a Bachelor of Music at Monash University in 2018, and has played bass in various local rock and metal bands throughout the past few years, which inevitably lead to the start of the two-bassist band ‘The Omnific’ with Matt Fack.